Becca Leetham

Personal Training, Nutrition,
and Competition Prep/Posing

Two Time Body Building Gold Medalist
Four Time Figure Gold Medalist
NPC Competition Judge
​First Place – Mrs. Utah – USA

Success Stories

Last Christmas, I was asked what I wanted as a gift. After a lot of thought I decided I would make an investment in myself mentally and physically. ​ I have been training with Becca since the beginning of January and can honestly say she has changed my life in so many ways, she has been an amazing coach, mentor, motivator, and friend. As you can see in my before photo, there was a lot of work to be done…like a lot, a lot. Becca sat me down, listened to my goals and created a nutrition plan, and a training plan for me. She has been the motivation I needed to get my butt (considerably firmer now…thanks Becca) in gear and make positive changes in my life. My stress levels have gone down and I’m better able to manage it when life happens. My strength has increased leaps and bounds and Becca has been there every step of the way. Pushing me to do get one more rep, because she can read that my body has “one more rep” left in me. Personal training is a big investment, but it’s an investment that you take with you everyday. I cannot thank Becca enough for the goals she has helped me achieve!

Over the past two years, I had lost about 45 pounds through a very unscientific diet (coffee, no carbs, and then some more coffee). Even though I had lost the desired weight, I felt horrible. I was tired a good deal of the day and my body felt weak. I have now been working out with Brad for about 20 weeks. Brad has taken the necessary time to understand my goals, my body, my nutrition, and my available time to create a total program of workouts both with him and on my own. In addition, he has helped me understand the necessity of a good diet that gives my body the energy it needs. Over the last 20 weeks, I have maintained my weight while dropping my body fat percentage several points. My body is strong and healthy and I am feeling better than I have for several years.
Kelly H.

I first met Becca in March, 2011. I was making a comeback from shoulder surgery, however the physical therapy was not going well. I was tired of being called by the wrong name and doing geriatric-like exercises 3 days a week. Finally I decided that I would have to find a Trainer that could work with my limitations and see me as a person and not “another session”. Like many of you that are searching for a trainer, I wasn’t ready to go on the “Biggest Loser” either. I grew up on a ranch in Montana, rode horses and motorcycles, and played every sport that required a helmet and a chance to hit mother earth violently. After college I got into ski racing and again, found the snow a lot harder in Utah than everybody says it is! Because of how hard my family plays, we have kept several orthopedic surgeons gainfully employed over the years.

I had no idea that the training and attention to detail that Becca displays on a daily basis, would literally help save my life on February 4, 2012. In 9 months of working with Becca, I had lost 40 lbs. and really got my youthful vigor and appearance back. On December 15, 2011 my orthopedic surgeon recommended that I have my left hip replaced—as it had become very arthritic and painful. The initial surgery went well on January 17, 2012, however within two weeks I had developed a life threatening staff infection and had to endure two more difficult surgeries. As I begin the comeback trail again, I don’t think I would have survived the last two surgeries without the extra “gas in the tank” that Becca gave me as a trainer.

If you are looking for trainer, I would highly recommend you make an appointment with Becca. She has a technical understanding of nutrition, strength training, aerobic conditioning that is world class. More importantly, she has highly developed interpersonal skills which allow her to focus on making you a better, stronger and happier person. In the short time I have known her, she has become a favorite in the circle of my family, doctors, and friends.