Shay Bowthorpe

Personal Trainer
Online Personal Training

My name is Shay Bowthorpe I found my passion for health and fitness when I was faced with severe depression and weight gain at a young age. I tried every diet out there and many antidepressants. Nothing seemed to work, and nothing could make me feel as good as I did when I worked-out.

​So, I dove into the gym and made it a huge priority in my life. I was able to overcome my depression and have been off antidepressants for over 5 years now! The weight loss that came along with it was just a bonus! More than anything I want to help others overcome their trials whatever they may be, and allow others to feel happy, healthy and confident in their body. I am a certified personal trainer through ISSA. And have had years of experience in the fitness industry.

Success Stories

Training with Shay has seriously changed my life. After my first baby I tried a few different apps and training programs that were ok but after my second baby the weight was not coming off as easily. I decided I needed a change. From the first day I met with Shay she was not afraid to push me and that is exactly what I needed. Her realistic approach easily fit into my lifestyle and has given me the results I’ve always dreamed of. She believed in me even when I didn’t and got my body in the best shape it’s ever been in. She is simply magic!