Danielle Glover

Personal Training

In fitness, as in life, satisfaction is attained through the journey. As a fitness professional, I have the skills to guide you on this journey through the use of motivation, accountability, and individualized instruction. My name is Danielle Glover. I have been a personal trainer for 11 years.

My degree in Exercise and Sport Science has given me the foundation for a well-rounded training approach. ​Being a marathon and trail runner, rock climber, and hiker has developed my understanding of sport-specific and cross training. A NASM certification in Corrective Exercise has enabled me to help people whom have pre-existing movement challenges and muscle imbalances in the shoulder, hip, knee, and lower back etc. Training at the Titleist lab in Carlsbad, CA gave me the knowledge needed to understand the demands that golf has on the body and the ability to give golfers individual sport specific fitness instruction.

Training is my passion. I enjoy bringing that energy and enthusiasm into my classes and training sessions. As a trainer, I am invested in the success of every one of my clients.