Tyler Koehler

Certifications from AFAA, APEX, and NASM
Degree in nutrition from the U of U

Tyler Koehler became motivated to change his body because he was so awkwardly tall and skinny that many of his peers teased him frequently. It led to an obsession to learn as much as possible about the body in order to create the physique he desired. Because of his drastic transformation he began to get asked for advice on physical fitness and so naturally he pursued personal training. He received certifications from AFAA, APEX, and NASM as well as a degree in nutrition from the University of Utah. Tyler has been a certified personal trainer since 2004 and is well experienced in helping people achieve their goals. Whether it is to lose weight, build muscle, correct posture, improve sports performance, rehabilitate or prevent injuries, Tyler has the knowledge to help guide you every step of the way.