Raelynn D Atkinson

Massage Therapist

My name is Raelynn D Atkinson & I’ve been doing massage since 2004. I’d like to say that my specialty is working with runners, Ironman, bodybuilders, moms, dancers, gymnasts, rock climbers, motocross, skiers, football players, attorneys, drillers, musicians, minors, pilots, executives, yoga gurus, surgeons, baby boomers, etc. But maybe I should just say athletes & your average Joe. I work with new injuries, old injuries, surgeries, disabilities & other body ailments that life loves to throw our way on a daily basis.

I use a mixed bag of tools, including chair massage, Thai massage, sports, deep tissue, myofascial release, stretching & a few others up my sleeve in combination to accomplish better movement & ROM for everybody without restrictions or pain. I like to choose à la carte modalities for each individual client & their needs, & what works best for them during their service & as long lasting results.

I also have a background in esthetics, product knowledge, nutrition, essential oils & exercises that clients can take home to help create longer lasting results. That’s pretty much me all rolled into one!