Taylor Ayres

-NASM Certified Trainer
-Corrective exercise specialist

Two Time Body Building Gold Medalist
Four Time Figure Gold Medalist
NPC Competition Judge
​First Place – Mrs. Utah – USA

I always had an active career in high school, but it was my Senior Year where I discovered and ultimately found a passion for weightlifting. Ever since, I’ve spent the following years cultivating it by fully immersing myself in the world of fitness, health and most importantly, how to find an optimal balance between the two.

With six years of my own dedicated training and learning under my belt, as well as a certification through NASM, I am confident and excited to aid others in their own journey to health and fitness. As the owner of Balanced Bodies Training, my mission is to assist my clients in identifying and harnessing habits that are enjoyable and, most importantly, sustainable in their day to day lives. I want my clients feeling empowered, strong, and confident in what their bodies can achieve. Currently, I am pursuing my degree, including a minor, in nutrition at the University of Utah. I am also certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Success Stories

Working with Taylor has been incredible! She is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and listens to my goals as well as my struggles. She personalizes everything to me, my goals, and my lifestyle. Her workouts are challenging and I’ve seen so much strength and growth in my muscles. I’ve been working out for 5 years and have never felt my back muscles like I do when I do her workouts. She challenges me and knows how to push me! She can look at my body and my form and instantly tell me where or how to adjust my body to feel it differently and get the most of each movement. She makes sure my form is perfect which is really important to me. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for her knowledge.”
Whitney W.

I started training with Taylor two months ago and the difference has been amazing. My back pain has diminished drastically, I’m able to do more in the garden and I sleep like a baby. Taylor has made strength training easy and understandable. She pushes me just enough so I’m always getting stronger without being so sore you can’t do anything. I would recommend Taylor to anyone who’s looking to improve their core strength and gain a better understanding of how your muscles work together to make you happier and healthier.
Kelsey K.

I’ve always felt super insecure and shy about working about because I don’t even know where to begin with equipment and work out plans so I always just chose not to do it but then I started training with Taylor and she’s helped me so much with getting plans set up and making me feel super comfortable and like a natural!
Kacey M.